“Hello Again”

This is my first post in a while. I’m not much of a social media person. I guess I’m old school. Just pick up the flippin’ phone and actually talk to someone. I guess I’m showing my age, but you have to be somewhat of a social media expert to get yourself noticed now-a-days. It’s not like it was before where some guy wearing a cowboy hat and smoking a cigar would walk up to you while you’re playing in some dive somewhere and say, “Hey there, Missy. You got the pipes and you’re sweet on the eyes,” and then proceed to back your album/music career, but I digress.

So, I was at Erksine Presbyterian Church last night for an open mic. I didn’t realize my friend recorded me until I saw his post the next day. I sang a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again,” from the 1980 soundtrack of “The Jazz Singer.” I’m just posting the audio. To be honest, I don’t like my looks. It’s not like I’m some 20-year-old super model which you have to be now-a-days to be a successful artist which is why I’m focusing on my songwriting, but, then again, Susan Boyle made a pretty good go of it. Anyway, here it is. I hope you like my singing.

P.S. Keep a lookout for my post next Sunday, June 4th. One of my songs was chosen to be on the new “Music As Healing” “album produced by @su2c (Stand Up To Cancer). What an awesome time I had recording it. More on that next Sunday.

Cheers, Barb